Dear Sex,
I am writing this letter to inform you about what is going on in our planet. Lately, Most of the people have been suffering from your existence.So I would like to ask you about your purpose here in the Earth.Moreover; I want to address some issues related to your name.
Mr. Sex, Do you know that People are using each other through you?
Do you know that most of the girls have been SEXually abused?
Do you know that boys have also been SEXually abused ?
Do you know that in your name girls became sex machines and no longer human beings ?
Do you know that most of the relationships are broken because of you ?
Do you know how many humans have felt that they are used more than loved because of your existence?
Do you know that in the eastern communities when a girl loses her virginity ,because of you SEX, this means that she loses her value ?
Do you know that most of the men are thinking with only their lower parts when they see a curvy girl?
Do you know that SEXual harassment is so common now among us?
Do you know that Sex Trafficking is a globally wide-spread trade, which means that humans are treated like goods and objects because of you Mr. SEX!

Do you know that suicidal acts are committed nowadays because of what happened in people’s lives through SEX, through you darling!?
Finally, Do you know that the connotation of your name is a shame for some people ?
I am really confused to the extent that I can not put my feelings in words.Excuse my inability to express all what I feel toward you.I am waiting for your answers.

Thank you,

Dear Manuela,
I am so glad to receive such letter, thank you for your questions. I think this is the right time to address all of these issues.
To cut the long story short;

My purpose is so clear from the very beginning of the creation whether you believe in the existence of God or not, but let’s agree that I was there from the very beginning, okay ?
I was there to raise the meaning of UNITY, this unity that transcends all the psychological and physical barriers between the man and the woman.
I was there to make it clear that without love I can not be existed.
I was there to make relationships deeper and real.
I was there to declare the miracle of unity.
I was there to be the fruit of love not to ruin it.
I was there to keep you from extinction.
I was there to show you how your body is the most priceless gift you can give to your beloved one.
I was there to declare the miracle of the creation of human beings.

But Darling! What happened is: people mis-used me!
People do not have self-control. Most of them are driven by their sexual desires as if they are animals. Sex is not a sin in itself, However; the way, the reason, and the timing of having it could make out of me a SIN.What is going on in your planet not because of my existence but because of the absence of humanity. I was there for the people not the other way round, People are not there to serve me and to make me the center of their lives.They made me their leader and fed their brains with the sexual hunger, as a result they are blind now.
They can not see each other as humans but as pieces of meat scattered all over the world.

I hope I could answer your questions, but for now I have said a lot.

Much love,
Mr. Sex

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