It was me my lord
When rent from the heavens was I
An endless paradox to ford
A blissful crash from the sky

For the weight of sin I bear
Mortality weighs upon me
But I find the trade be fair
For the gods are never free

Though I may travel the whole earth round
One day my body will fail
Through my journey I have found
A brighter glory worth a body so frail

I have faced the spears
And wielded fire
Strength found in my fears
My drive in my desire

Like a moth to the flame
Icarus to the sun
I would rather fall seeking fame
Than miss out on all of the fun

Endlessly I have fought
As I will to my final breath
Everything this world wrought
As I smile to greet death

~Dakota Toney

Dakota Toney

I mainly write poetry or commentaries about the human condition or philosophical ideas. Please visit and follow my blog for more writings at

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