If you’re not enjoying yourself, is there something wrong with you?

Many of us may feel as though we’re stuck in life, and your probably thinking is there something wrong with me? Does everyone feel like this? The answer is probably yes. Almost everyone is the world may feel as if their not enjoying themselves from time to time, I believe it’s perfectly normal to not enjoy yourself all the time. However if a person my feel like this every single day of their life then it may be time to speak to someone about it, however life is not easy. The average person is living for 75 years, that’s a really long time, and surely of those years everyday is not going to be unicorns and rainbows, there will be days where you feel stuck in life, or saddened or maybe bouts of depression may sink in. The use of the negative seems to suggest that the feeling of enjoyment is the norm and non-enjoyment a deviation. But is life really meant to be fun?
It’s important to remember that we are all different, for instance if one person really enjoys party’s and the next person despises it, is there something wrong with him? Absolutely not! Personally I can really relate to this, as I’m not much of a person to go to a party or a club on Saturday night, just because I’d rather stay in with a few friends watching a good movie or having a relaxing evening by myself, so if I don’t enjoy going to clubs is that a problem? I don’t think it is, I just believe it’s not for me, after all, I’ve been to nightclubs and experienced it for myself, so I gave it a chance, however it’s just not for me. And I believe this goes for any activity on the planet, because as long as you’re enjoying yourself that should be all that matters, because no two people are going to enjoy the same thing, because were all different.

It’s likely some concepts about what enjoying life and fun really is. For instance if you feel like to enjoy life you need to have 100 close friends and go out all the time,  you might not be able to reach that goal. I certainly would not be able to. My expectations are quite simple… take a walk in fresh air every day or two, travel, eat good food, and exercise (in my case go figure skating because “actual exercise” is not fun for me). If you know what you define as ‘enjoying life’ that would help a lot.

If a person genuinely feels trapped, as if they just crawled into a hole with no exist, and they simply don’t enjoy anything in their life, I really wouldn’t say anything is wrong with them. These people may be experiencing a chemical imbalance in their brain, but I think they don’t have a problem. The reason is many people in this world feel the same way. They may be extremely depressed, and feel as if they have no way out, but does this make them any less human, or make them less valuable as a person? I don’t believe so, sure these people may need to take medications to balance their chemical imbalance, but there is nothing wrong with that. Furthermore, once people with depression have the proper medication, they will hopefully be able to find joy in their life again, even if its something small such as reading a book or grabbing a coffee.

It’s also important to remember that life is not always fun, it’s a journey, life is hard, and if you’re not having a good day and you feel numb or sad, it’s perfectly ok to just cry all day to let out your emotions, that you’ve been bottling up or to even express these emotions to people such as good friends, family, or therapists.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post!

XOXO, Sophie from sophiesparklesblog.wordpress.com

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lamarrwenrich · April 29, 2018 at 10:55 am

Love this
Life is a journey and we never really arrive – the joy is in traveling through it..
Thanks for sharing

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