Why Do You Fear?

It is the time of year when many are preparing for their entrance exams or their semester exams. Having taught many students over a period of time and having mentored a few, I have realized that they don’t prepare for their exams because they want to, but they prepare for their exams because they have to.

Everyone fears. A student preparing for his NEET is so afraid of not clearing it that he starts thinking of all the excuses he can make when he fails. Why? A student preparing for his UPSC exam is so afraid that he already knows that he won’t be able to get through, months before he sits for the exam. Why?

Don’t fear. Don’t be afraid of your exams. Don’t make it a phobia. Believe in yourself.

I have even had a few students who were not good at all. Their parents believed that they could never pass their exam. Their teachers believed the same. But, they did. All they needed was, confidence. I tried to make them believe in themselves. It is just that, every student doesn’t understand the same thing in the same way. You need to find your way of understanding.

For someone, it can be easy to understand “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction” just by reading it. But there may be someone who understands this in a more physical way. Say, by asking him to hit you and reacting back. I am not asking you to hit someone. I am just asking you to try and find your way of understanding.

No two people can be same! If that is so, how can you expect a 100 people to understand 1 particular thing in the same way? Find your own way. Don’t memorize things. Learn them. Understand them. Once you have understood the basic concept, learning will be much easier and you will start enjoying it.

And trust me, clearing these competitive exams is very easy. The reason why many fail is not that they are not capable enough, the reason is, they fear. They fear the exam, the consequences that will follow if they fail and of course, what the people will say if they fail.

Don’t think about what people will say. Just think about what you will feel. No matter you pass the exam or you fail, don’t fall. Stand tall. Life will give you what you need. Don’t run behind your illusive wants and ruin yourself. Don’t run behind your ambition. If you want to, run behind your passion. Follow it with all the dedication. You will be happy!


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