Solace at the worst.

Being in constant conflict is a major part of who we are as humans. There have been conflicts everywhere, be it overt or covert, inside or outside, it has always been present, we have seen the major ones out in the open like both the World Wars and all the other fights we have had over time, but these we can see, what about the conflicts that exist inside us? The biggest problem, if you ask me, is that we keep things inside us that intoxicate us, it motivates the wrong thoughts and forces us in things that we would never indulge in as of before. We have dilemmas in daily life, whether to wear this or wear that, but I am not talking about that, I am talking about what we choose to believe in.

People opt for many things when they go through hard times, and depending on someone during these times is something that is very common, and instead of learning how to deal with the problem we have, we hide. That is well and good for the time till when you are ready, but we do need to face the problem. We need peace in life, we need solace. Even if we don’t have the happiness that we very much desire, if we have the solace, we survive. I went through some hard times, and I came out the other side, and now there is this person I know that is going through something similar, and deep inside, you would want to help her, I did, I am not sure how much of help I was for her, but I tried to bring peace. Make her accept what has been there the whole time. And that is what I think people need, solace at the worst. Peace in a time when it seems that the world is ending, whereas, in reality, it is a problem of a very minute importance in comparison to your whole life. But who gets it? No one. So the best thing we can go for is peace.

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