The most annoying things of life – Part 1

I’m in utter need of a girlfriend..

This is just the height, instead of me to dream about fame and fortune just see what I’m dreaming about.

So apparently this dream characterises everything I’ve ever desired to do, interstellar travel in space, war heroics and yes a babe.. but at the beginning of the dream, I didn’t really have one. See, at the beginning It was just me, my comrades and missions to go to around the multiverse, that moment instantaneous travel was at its peak and what’s more, the theory of the existence of a multiverse was already established. (a multiverse is simply the existence of our universe in alternate realities). So here i was, having a lot of female friends down in my own earth and though living in a burdened cycle, seemed I was living life on the fast lane. Just as in real life, I craved real companionship in the dream. Stories, fantasies, I just had to put my needs behind, for the sake of our cause, after all, fate will do its trick. And so it did.

A mission on earth 24 went berserk, with the team from earth 48 a.k.a keplar 2.5 handling it, it was up to us save their necks, we boarded and went down there. Serious chaos as the civil war on that earth had reached the heights, we had to rescue their own head of state from the insurgence. The team from earth 48 had been compromised and scurrying away from the people. Bla bla bla, we did it and save the day, thanks to the efforts of my team, and thanks to the redundant behaviour from the other, especially a girl, lady actually from the other team, she had this resentment for my earth, much to what I didn’t understand.

We had our share of squabbles, in fact it was only us as she refused to team up and I was getting really irritated, after we had reached our safe station for pick up I decided to have a chat with her, which at first mostly ended with a monotonic response, but went well after some ‘I can totally relate’ kind of talk. We talked and more and more I got fascinated, in fact I totally forgot my team who also forgot me on the planet and went home. We got to a lookalike seesaw and that was to a ‘we can totally relate’ moment.

Then as we talked, I mistakenly hit my end of the seesaw too hard and she slid right down to my side, eyes fixed. There was this twinkle in her eyes, we had connected somehow, and this had to be the moment, our faces drew closer as we were about to clear our doubts, no stopping now, my heart had started beating faster as this was about to happen, yes it was a positive confirmation Ii had started feeling something for her too soon, but ah.. all thoughts had to be pushed aside, this was a moment, I had to embrace it, my past yearnings had come to surface, this could be it. Then bam… the toilet came calling in the real life😢😢😣.

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