My heart aches for something…

This feeling of gut punching,

That look in your eyes…

Melts my insides like ice,

That penetrating stare….

Hits me like a spear,

I know… you know I care,

But I ,dare not declare….

My heart was locked for too long,

Giving it to you looks so wrong,

But my feelings for you keep growing strong…

You make me feel alive again…

Your touch takes away my pain,

It is all so insane.

The warmth of your embrace,

wiping tears from my face,

I love the way you caress.

I opened my eyes in distress,

Engulfed in emptiness….

The dream had come to an end….

Some open wounds, I now need to tend.

©Sakshi Gangwani

sakshi gangwani

An Entrepreneur,Dreamer, fighter and Blogger. I find writing therapeutic,it's a process of self healing. I do poetry on spirituality, motivation,life lessons,hope , healing etc.

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