Fight against cancer

Hey world ,she said a newly born baby girl …father’s princess mom’s girl ..She grew an all-rounder the best singer the best dance the best daughter .everyone loved her ..Everything was perfect a happy life but its life dear how can things go in such a flow??no they don’t they can’t

A ghost named CANCER entered her life the beauty queen was turned into an ugly duckling .those long hairs were no more a week face with a bald head .

A perfect fairy tale life was turned worse than a hell .those painful chemotherapy killed her within .the teasing ,”STAY AWAY “those pathetic comments broke her within she felt herself a burden on family she could only see was the bottle of poison but fortunately her parents love won over her anxiety she could not collect the courage to hold the bottle even ..

For her it was strange that the people who once claimed to be her well wishers vanished in time of need

Now she was clear that it was her battle and she had to alone fight it .she fought hard not only with her disease but from the world to prove that she was one of the normal girls and not someone who needed to be treated as an untouchable .

The battle wasn’t easy harder than a battle at the field people threw stones on her she chooses not to be a weak but use those stones to make a ladder and climb towards the victory
..she won not only this battle against the disease but the battle of life ..

She was a soul as pure as a holy water of Ganga

Nikki Tekwani

Hi everyone I m nikki i m a silly teen who loves to dance read and write all day I love my life no complains about anything i love to celebrate life and making each moment amazing

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Nikki Tekwani · May 11, 2018 at 9:54 pm

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