The Real Love

Love is a beautiful feeling. It is the most powerful feeling I will say. It is the most powerful feeling because it always spreads a positivity, it always motivates one, and the most important thing it does many works which hatred fails to do. Love has the winning power.

It is a feeling which does not have any selfishness, it is a feeling which never discriminates.It can be with anything and anybody. Many a times attraction is misunderstood as love by many people and teenagers but love is not attraction because attraction has selfishness while love does not. Attraction results into many expectations while love does not have any expectations.It is unconditional. It is as deep as an ocean, nothing can end a true love while attraction can get to an end anytime with few misunderstandings only. True love consists of understanding while attractions consists of compromises.

You can find real love at many places in this world which is very pure,unconditional. The love of natural creations like river, seas, etc. towards us is the real love because it provides life to many flora and fauna unconditionally. It never discriminates between any organisms, it provides life to everybody be it a plant, be it an animal, be it a human.

Now, have you ever noticed the love between your parents and you? That love is real love. They always wants your good and you always wants their good, you take care of them and they take care of you without any demand or selfishness or expectations.

Whenever we have love with somebody or something,we never want his/her bad. We love that person unconditionally. We always want that person happy whom we love.

The hard times of our life is the best time to understand and feel the real love.The people who loves us really will love us at our hard times also and the people whom we love will remain our lovable at their hard times also. Real love never discriminates. And that real love will have that much of power which will create a faith in us to face all of our difficulties and overcome it.

So,always spread love and never hurt your loved ones.

Abhishek Dey

Just want to write.


Paru Sharma · April 26, 2018 at 10:08 pm

Very ture lines

Abhishek Dey · April 27, 2018 at 11:45 am


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