It’s Okay to speak up

<< Self-love rule #2>>
It’s Ok to speak up

>> My Successes of the day <<

  1. with my value of determination, I received this feedback, collected data and I shared it. Every minute counts and action should be taken.
  2. with my value of appreciation, I shared my compliment with her, I appreciated her support & partnership. I was grateful for our cooperation.
  3. with my value of clarification of expectation, I shard my feedback, I clarified what we gotta do and I appreciated  their support.
  4. with my value of joy, she shared her compliment with me, she appreciated our partnership and our common goal was safety first. Quality is more than anything.
  5. with my value of clarity, I clarified this project, I shared my feedback and I asked what I didn’t know. Clarification creates space and focus in my mind.
  6. with my value of care, I took good care of me, I prepared food for my trip and I ate when I was hungry.
  7. with my value of being, I am me and I am responsible to my well being. I am here and I enjoyed now, the present! I realized that I can’t move back to the past, I can’t move to the future when I stand still now.
  8. with my value of care & partnership, I appreciated her support, I got the confirmation and my appointment was all set.
  9. with my value of excitement, I was in the outfit upgrade evening, I loved their energy. I loved their sharing. I loved their openness. I loved the fun. I loved being there.
  10. with my value of freedom, when I love me, then I take good care of me. when I make everyone more important than me, then I take myself for granted .. big time! This success free me from my own invisible prison.
  11. with my value of care, I asked for support, I may carpool with her and I appreciated her care & her support.
  12. with my value of proud, I shared my outfit successes. I was proud to share. I was excited to share. I loved to share.
    ~ before my operation last year, I was healthy & fit and after my operation I was recovered in 2 weeks.
    ~ after my operation, I didn’t need extra food to support my recovery. I just listened to my belly alarm.
    ~ I inspired my love ones with my outfit tools, they did my “outfit thing” and I was so happy to hear it. Sharing is caring.
  13. with my value of joy, I was a happy bunny to be in the upgrade evening. I got awesome tools, it refreshed my knowledge database and I was motivated.
  14. with my value of love, I shared my lunch tip with the girls. I prepared my lunch on Sunday cookday, simple salad (with quinoa, tofu, bimi, chinese mushroom, celery and light soy sauce, all cooked) and I kept it in the fridge and I bought small portion with me for lunch!
  15. with my value of dare & clarity, I spoke up and I clarified this. Every of his answer was ” difficult “, ” impossible” or ” I can’t ” <What!> I simply asked for support and did my PREP for the test. I accepted negative feedback and I didn’t give up. I spoke up honestly what I expected and it was ashamed that he build all these obstacles on his path before we even started this.
  16. with my value of self-love, I realized that the most important thing I can do for myself is work on being true and happy with who I AM and where I wanna go. Things will come a lot easier this way, as I will be able to follow my own instincts and act in my own best interest.
    On the other hand, if I am trying to be someone I am not, I may not know which direction to go in. When things seem tough or goals seem out of reach, be brave and dare to go for what I want. Ask myself who I am and show it. As long as I make an effort, the rest can go from there.
  17. with my value of partnership, I clarified this with him, I shared my feedback and I was grateful for his support. It worked for us, well done folks.
  18. with my value of joy, he was my blog follower and I was pleased to hear it. I appreciated his care & sharing.
  19. with my value of sharing, I shared my successes with him and I shared my feedback why I wrote my successes. It was my thing, I loved what I did and I loved to share them.
    Sindy’s thought: I heard this remark today and it amused me.
    Q:  You write this blog daily, do you have nothing to do or something? I can’t control my smile muscles when I heard that.
    A:  I have enough to do, we don’t have kids and I am busy too.  Writing my blog is one of my fav things and I see it as a self-investment. People invest in bitcorn and I invest in me.   I am a rich woman and my wealth is priceless and dear for me.

Sindy LC

Gratitude, Happiness and Simplicity are the keys of my life. I swear lots and I am a nice. I am the system manager in work, I am Banana in life. SMILES <3

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