The Seven Kingdoms

It is with this that I try to loop the platitude of “life is full of surprises” with the resplendent novel “My Grandmother Asked Me To Tell You She’s Sorry” by Fredrick Backman.

I credit not myself for the underscored neologisms used in this literary, but I hope that I give justice in fulfilling my purpose to bring you, my dear readers, to skysail of appreciation.

There were originally six kingdoms [Miamas, Miploris, Mirevas, Mimovas, Mibatalos, and Miaudacas] in the story, and eventually became seven [adding Mipardonus] in the concluding chapter. Each one has its own frontage of unique storyline.

Miamas. I LOVE. Undeniably, love makes the world go round. It precisely is. It makes life more livable; creating colors beyond imagination. It let us, human beings, feel our true nature as what we ought to be. We should never stop loving despite the unrewarded love and brokenness within; for true love never necessitates reciprocity.

Miploris. I MOURN. We mourn for a lot of things; from a love that is lost, a loved one who passed away, and experiencing rejections and failures in life. We are entitled to it; nobody said we don’t. Nevertheless, whatever hurtful circumstances you are currently and had gone through in your life, you should always see to it that you Get Back on Your Feet the next day.

Mirevas. I DREAM. Dreams keep us walking towards our goal. It fuels us to do everything just to reach the most fertile grassland. It often sugarcoats the most resentful lumps of our lives. We have to dream, but we have to make it work, as Colin Powell quoted “a dream doesn’t become reality though magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.”

Mimovas. I DANCE. To dance is to express one’s self artistically. Let us dance life’s quirks with grace. Dance “Ballet” to stretch out your patience when everything seems to discourse your plans; “Swing” to sway your stresses in all directions; “Folk” to remember where you came from and where you first started; or “Modern” to adapt to the changing environment.

Mibatalos. I FIGHT. We fight for all the reasons in the world – to love and to be loved, to acquire fame, power, or position, or basically to survive life’s wilderness. The world is a survival of the fittest. It is for the survivors; the ones who do not survive will perish like a vapor in the wind. We should punch life with a good fight… a fight contributing to a meaningful purpose.

Miaudacas. I DARE. There is an innate risk-taker in us all. We are all given a choice, our own freewill of conduct. They said that it is better an oops than a what if but we also only have one life to live so we better live within The Right YOLO lifestyle, and make it worthwhile.

Mipardonus. I FORGIVE. Forgiveness is the key ingredient of emotional healing. People hurt others unintentionally, sometimes deliberately. Wounds left and scarred you. But you should learn to forgive… every single one of them, and forget… every bit of it. As forgiving will definitely give you a genuine feeling of liberty to relish life.

With this, may we be more inspired to enjoy the “roulette” of life – to love, to mourn, to dream, to dance, to fight, to dare, and to forgive.

Czarina Anne Posadas

Sharing what I have, reaching and inspiring others, in my small little way. © 2018

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