Start With The Why Book Review by Simon Sinek.

Why are some small businesses growing to be billion dollar companies/ why do some organizations fail within the first five years? Why are other leaders able to make a mark and are forever remembered? Why can companies make an impact by changing the world while others don’t??? All this questions can be answered with their WHY.

Golden circle

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Martin Luther King, Steve Jobs and the Wright brothers will always remembered for the legacy they left. They realized their WHY and used it to change the world. This amazing people knew that inspiring people to act is better than manipulating people to act. Simon also explained in details the Golden circle concept and how its biological connected. The golden circle has HOW, WHAT and WHY. Where the WHY is controlled by the limbic brain. Since it’s the part that controls our feelings. The neocortex part of our rain is responsible for our rational thoughts and the language you use. This part is connected to the WHAT level. For more read here.

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