The Legend Of Ariella Chava



It is estimated that by the time World War 11 was over, an estimated 36 million people had lost their lives. Ariella Chava, a Jew, was born during the peak of the war, the Holocaust, in Auschwitz in 1942. The same day she was born her mother had to witness her father killed trying to flee them to a safer place. This ended fruitless as three days later they were captured by NAZI soldiers and taken to a German concentration camp in Ravensbrueck.

It wasn’t just a prison but a deadly place where painful and deadly experiments were conducted by Germans. Her mother was used as an experiment to study and test whether bone, muscle and nerve regeneration was possible. Most of these experiments ended with the prisoners either mutilated, agony and permanent disabilities and Germans were not taking any prisoners who were disabled so no anaesthesia was used because they were disposable. For weeks she was performed on and tested on, she was awake when they cut open her leg and tried stitching it back. To say she felt pain is an understatement, she was begging to be killed, they say the thought of seeing her daughter is what kept her alive but on the third week she couldn’t take any more pain as they tried tearing to tear open her hand. Everyone has a breaking point.

Ariella was never breastfed, she was separated from her mother before she could know anything that was happening. She was among the babies that survived. She grew knowing pain and suffering, she understood pain, despair, hopelessness and suffering more than anything. She believed that was how all humans lived. She didn’t know what joy was till she was already a woman.

When the war was over, she was found on the streets by what she thought was a good Samaritan and ended up in a brothel. She was 6. That’s when she first learnt to hate and loathe men and despise women. She was handed over to men by her supposed caregiver countless times and countless times she was abused. At 9 there was not a single place of grey in her life, only black and white, good or bad, life and death. At 10 she sent her first gift to death. She sneaked into her room at night and slit open her throat with a broken mirror. It was the first time she had smiled since being born. That same night she left the town.

After weeks and months of roaming she found herself in France. By then she had been forced to become a woman despite her young age.

At a young age, she had her reasons why men with big egos to make up for their small dicks waged wars. It was for status. They wanted to be the alphas. They wanted social dominance, power, have availability to resources at will, eat the good junk of the food first. She also understood that civilization was built on wars. Men wanting the best portion of the land to their tribe and women. The tribe wanted the fruitful land full of resources and food for their women to have the best comfort to nurture their children. Wars were forged for the best tribes to have it all, the weak were disposed. Deep down she knew the world and everything was fueled by one single game. A game of survival, survival for the fittest, This was nothing but a game of genes. Men and women searching for each other to produce the best gene for survival in an unsure world.

You see at first she used to think that whatever man did was to please a woman or women. She used to think everything men did was for them. Civilization, She thought it was fueled by women. She later learnt she saw it all wrong. Everything man has ever done is for his survival. His own survival. Take away the fancy clothes, flashy cars, technology and they are animals, nothing but balls and testosterone.

What’s an animals basic instinct? To survive, any animal. Even human beings. That’s man’s basic instinct. They can’t do anything about it. But then they know they can’t leave forever, They can’t survive forever, Death is an enemy. Survival can be broken down to two things, you either attack your enemy and win and if you can’t win, you defend. Otherwise, anything in between makes you a slave. It’s that simple. No man has even beaten death though, You can’t win with death, you can’t attack it, so they defend. They defend themselves from death, They do things that’ll make them survive, attack fellow human beings, forge friendships, submit to things they don’t love but whatever it is they do, they’ll never win against death, It will knock on their door one day, they’ll submit.

Man is the cleverest of all animals, so they believe. Man did realize he can’t beat death, no matter how safe they play, it’s unavoidable, but man has got to survive somehow, so he decides to create his own image to live after him. A man knows mating is his next best move. Someone appears in the picture. It’s a Woman. And now a man knows a woman is so important for his survival. She is his number one priority, whatever they do, the woman lives, the children live. No women and children in war. They are their survival. Women will help man keep his genes for the coming generations, Man has found a loop in death. The mega enemy that can’t be beaten somehow has a loop-hole. Man knows how important a woman is, so man decides to get the best woman for himself, for the better of his genes, but then all men want the best women for themselves. Woman realizes her importance, so she can’t be taken for granted, she earns her respect, before man she becomes an art, the best form of art there will ever be. The most expensive art. They deserve protection, they deserve care, comfort and even luxury for woman to nature man’s survival. And there was where she came in, she knew she could control men, have men on her knees, server her and do everything for her. And she wanted to sit on the throne with the man standing beside her.

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