In the Garden of delights


The birds take refuge around us

They sing their song for us

A song of joy, beauty, peace, love

There is no need of rain for the earth

for your dew has saturated

and there is no need for food

You are my food

and I have as much as I want

I enter in the garden of delights

Tasting fruit of every tree I wish

At your table eating your most relished dish

Let us dance, my dear

There is no room for a vain thought here

Very dark secrets you keep

I want to know them to the very deep

My sweet, sweet little sheep

I feel the spring constantly with you

How the colours bloom because of you

When your face gives a smile

You take the chill off only in a while

I am fortunate, like a child which has anything it wishes and is denied nothing

A great mansion I have, secure and warm and full of delights

In it, there is constantly light

Those things I have with you


Aleph Tau

I share word through art :)

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