The Missing Piece

We can’t believe this is what life would be.
Something is definitely wrong. We assert.

Something is Missing….
But what is it?

Trying to answer this impossible question and searching for the most satisfactory way to lead life,
This is our journey–.
“a quest to find the missing piece”.    –through life.

And as we stumble along the way,

Let us hope that we find the Right to make our own mistakes.

Let us hope that the Right to explore life doesn’t become synonymous with guilt.

Let us hope that Right to question doesn’t become synonymous with dis-respect.

With hope in our heart that one day  “The Missing Piece” will reveal itself and fit exactly in the puzzle, let us promise to meet again by the sea on a moon night to share the wonders that the world is about to reveal.

And Till then,

Hope we remain kind and accept all broken souls with all our heart.



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