Is what you wanted to be
A shadow on the wall
Is this the last thing you see
Lamentations as the bombs fall

The ire
Of a god that wars with itself

Resting your head
On poison ash
Once lush paradise
What was home

To see futility
In such a gross display
A head
Over and over again
Strikes the wall

Perfect insanity

Generation lost
Forgetting death
Old friend
You give your final breath

So easy to find hope
In rose-tinted glass
You never saw it coming
You were never built to last

Blame the world
You cannot change
You had the power
You are to blame

Fame is reached
When deeds are great
Infamy found the same
Sans morality

No holds barred
Death watches the flower wilt
Easy to forget the world
When watching from afar

~Dakota Toney

Dakota Toney

Dakota Toney

I mainly write poetry or commentaries about the human condition or philosophical ideas. Please visit and follow my blog for more writings at

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