Normal is also hard.

Everybody has problems. Being blind is a problem. Not being blind is also a problem. Basically, what I’m trying to say is.. okay this is kind of hard to put in words but so many people say that they have family issues, have some disease or someone in their life has passed away, etc. For me, none of these has happened. For more clarity, I’ll use an example of the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi. Did you know he was a tea seller before he became the PM? Most of the successful people today were poor before or really rich so they decided to do something with it. For me, I am neither poor nor rich. I have enough and a little more; both needs and wants are satisfied and that is the problem. Since I already have enough, why would I go for something bigger or riskier or better? I’m a middle class Indian and I’ll probably die one, too. That’s exactly what I don’t want.

Why is it that people who are poor, have family issues, were in depression, are differently-abled, etc. are the ones who become famous? Middle class people have dreams too. Who wants to be average all the time? My point is, I want people to understand that they don’t need major issues or grave problems to help them or make them a better person or become famous. If you have an idea and you think it can help others or change the world a little bit for the better than go for it!! I sit at home everyday saying that I wish I had a disability so I would finally find a reason to be famous.

Please don’t think I’m shaming people with different abilities or poor people or even us middle class people. I’m just trying to say that “normal” people (for lack of better term) have problems equal to those kinds of people. Since we have what we need, we are expected to use them fully and excel at everything we can because we are so “equipped.” We as “normal” people have to be able to do what any other “normal” person can because by physical ability, we are the same. That’s not wrong but honestly, just treat everyone like a human being. In conclusion, I just don’t want people to think that they need problems in their life to succeed. Just do what you love and don’t compare yourself to others. Normal is also hard so don’t look down on anybody. We all struggle.

Megha Shastry

I'm 16 years old and I love the world. Through my blog, I want to help those who need someone to relate to them and I'll promise to be there to listen and make it happen.

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