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> Inspiring Thought <<
Whether I am working on improving my health or getting a new business off the ground, mentally strong people don’t expect immediate results. Instead, I apply my skills and time to the best of my ability and understand that real change takes time

<< My Successes of the day >>

  1. With my value of joy, I had a long weekend <yeah!> the weather was lovely and it was time for our Saturdate.
  2. With my value of sincerity, my communication style is direct, to the point, with some humor and sincerity. Honesty is important but sometimes it can be harsh for some people.  When I am sincere, then I create happiness for me and for others.
  3. With my value of clarity, I appreciated my friend’s feedback and sharing. I have got awesome feedback about Lison. Woo hoo!
  4. With my value of love, I spent my lazy afternoon with my sweet baboo, I knitted and we watched our fav programs.  Relax, people!
  5. With my value of insight, when I am kind to myself, then I am able be kind to others. When others are rude to me, then I don’t have to reflex my hate to others and stop spreading hate. Share love.
  6. With my value of happiness, I was a happy bunny, enjoyed the lovely weather, hanged out with my love and loved our quality time. I was grateful.
  7. With my value of sharing, I was a magnet of 2 strange things today: Weirdo with ugly Cros and screaming crying kids. They were everywhere in the city.
    While I shopped in my fav bookstore, a woman walked in and behind her was a crying little kid. He begged for attention and she didn’t give her fuck. Seriously> Did I ask for this drama? Hey lady, you interrupted my peaceful Saturday afternoon. He was really loud.
    I didn’t mind crying kids, I wanted to share my hug with him but he walked passed me. Oh well .. Crocodile tears I supposed, he really needed her attention and I guessed that she was a nanny or something! <SIGH! I didn’t know them>
    My bottom line is: When she hated crying kid, then stopped that noise instead of walking away from him. I don’t like being disturbed by your drama.
    Parents complained lots about their sleepless nights, non-stop nappy changing and nagging kids. Now, I turned the table and complaining about these annoying parents. Kids are kids and where did they learn these all from? From iPad? from TV? or them?
  8. With my value of joy, I was totally obsessed with  this #Netflix documentary #ChefsTable. It is an yummy, artistic program <hmmm food> It’s inspiring It’s creative I love traveling and it gave me some wonderful insight about life and where I wanna travel next.
    3 insight: ~Be an unique me ~Never give up ~ Respect.
  9. With my value of sharing, Losing weight is shitty, Diet is a punishment and Overthinking what I eat (or what I shouldn’t eat) spoiled my fun.
    Since I followed #Outfit training in 2016, I have learned a new life style, I eat whatever I want and I eat when I am hungry <3
    After my operation last year, I stopped doing belly exercise <I listened to my gynecologist and my body> and I focused on my well-being.
    I realized that I didn’t need extra food to recover. I just listened to my belly alarm. Since I was diagnosed with iron deficiency, I added extra green veggie in my diet <I ate less red meat nowadays> and I was happier, energetic and one worry less in my life! Life is not on a linear path, I lost some and I gain some.
    My Happiness is what I have, a healthy body, beautiful people around me, be aware what my monkey mind wanna do and I correct this monkey.
  10. With my value of outfit insight, I realized that will power, self-control or diet didn’t help me to lose weight. If I believe eating low carb is good, then I also believe that when I eat low carb I am being GOOD.
    When I don’t eat low carb, that’s bad, which means I am bad and that judgement usually comes partnered with shame, guilt, and an internal beat up session <what is wrong with me?  what is the point? why do I fail ?>
    No diet is perfect. Nothing is ever perfect in life. The more stringent the rules, the more attachment I have to my diet, the more likely I am to fail off the wagon.
    What I actually do is:
    ~ changing my mindset about eating<I eat when I am hungry, I stopped ” stuffed” myself>
    ~ I eat to survive <food isn’t a comfort system. I listen to my hunger-alarm-system > In my old life style, I turned food to comfort myself from self-created negative emotions that are result of the way I am thinking myself and my food. When I felt bad and I ate more <Ha! I am responsible to my happiness, not food>
    ~ I eat with joy and curiosity, stop over thinking what I can or can’t eat, try new things, enjoy the moment and I eat in a way that would bring me pleasure and make my body feel great.

Sindy LC

Gratitude, Happiness and Simplicity are the keys of my life. I swear lots and I am a nice. I am the system manager in work, I am Banana in life. SMILES <3


Von Smith · April 22, 2018 at 6:05 pm

Sorry, I tried to post a reply and got “invalid security token.” I meant to tell you that you have been deceived by the quote-mills that post unverified statements misattributed to famous people. Your banner quote is powerful enough not to need Buddha’s name.

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