As We Celebrate Earth Day, Have We Done Enough For Our Planet?

International Earth Day is celebrated every year on 22nd of April to demonstrate support for environmental protection. But is it enough?

Every year, many events and programs are held to teach people about the importance of protecting the environment. Events are aimed at making people feel the need to preserve nature and play their part in protecting The Earth. But are these events and programs doing enough? Are we learning enough from what is being taught?

We save our planet on 22nd April every year, and destroy it on each of the 364 remaining days. We pollute the air with gases released by rapidly increasing number of cars, we cut thousands of trees to build homes, we destroy forests for factories, and much more. We have polluted all our water bodies and have exploited all the available resources like petroleum, etc. to an extent that they are now rapidly depleting.

We even destroyed the habitats of rare species of animals due to which those species have now become extinct.

The Destruction of Mother Earth

Are we really working to save “Mother Earth”? Or is it all about one single day when we all feel the need to become a “Good Person” and show the world how much we care for our planet? Deep inside, we all know the truth. We all know how worried we are for our planet. We all know how hard we are working to save our environment and our planet.

If you really want to be a savior of Planet Earth, don’t just show it. Don’t be an NGO like any other and come out in numbers with a few slogans in your hands. Don’t shout on the streets stating to the people to save Earth. Be the change! Don’t ask for one. Every good thing starts with one person. It never starts with a few people who know how to shout and howl. It starts with someone who knows how to work. And once you achieve something worthwhile, the world will follow your footsteps.


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