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Anthology of Six-Word Stories

1. When Daniel spoke, Claire never listened
2. Jim was freezing, lit his diploma
3. “I want to keep the baby.”
4. Tim beat Sandra one last time
5. “I’m sorry, love,” Beth believed him
6. Baby’s wet and crying, mother o.d.’d
7. Fred ran outside, love was nowhere
8. After three days, Richard stayed dead
9. No one read the suicide note
10. Hannah kept ashes, ghosts of love
11. “happily ever after,” written in blood
12. No answers came, no more questions
13. William died seeking life’s true meaning
14. Stella stopped talking, she was alone
15. Out of gas, no more running
16. Finally returned home, house was empty
17. Just one look, they were connected
18. After thirty years, Stanley felt love
19. Winning the lottery ruined their lives
20. No bear bag, the bears came
21. Their empty canoe was discovered downstream
22. Richard’s gone, flag and medals remain
23. Woke up in jail, wearing pajamas
24. If Bernie had taken meds today
25. They looked up, the meteor fell
26. Nobody believed Cassandra, the aliens won

Profile photo of Von Smith

Von Smith

I am married to the love of my life. I am semi-retired. I started blogging 6 years ago. Now poetry, mostly Haiku.

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