Should I Tell Him How I Feel?

” Mercy, you don’t seem to understand. Are your emotions wound up? This guy makes my heart thump. At work, I hear my heart taking a wild erratic pace that causes a sickening feeling in my stomach.

Oh! It’s worse when I hear his husky voice. Jesus! I feel my head heading for the moon.

Just last week, he requested that I assist edit a document. I almost fainted when he leaned over my shoulder. The fragrance of his perfume accompanied by the coolness of the office took me to another planet. I would have remained there except for the heat that flooded my face when his palm touched mine. ”

Lami lowered her eyes. ” I almost turned around to hug him tightly. But I cautioned myself, putting my stirring emotions under control. Should I tell him how I feel? What do you think? ”


In this part of the globe, one of the acts looked upon with contempt and disdain is a woman walking upfront to a man and telling him how she feels about him.

The average Nigerian man would look upon her as cheap and desperate. Some immature men would go as far as taking advantage of the opportunity, and in the long run, put the lady into an emotional mess.

The question remains : What do I do when I am in love with someone I can’t have due to Age, Cultural differences, Parental Consent, Distance or an Ongoing Relationship?


Our Heavenly Father is equally concerned about our love life, just as He is about our spiritual growth. He gets excited when we show affection to any of His precious sons or daughters. I’m confident God smiles when we curl up in the corner of our room, daydreaming about that special someone. The smile is amazing.

But God is more delighted when we let Him into confusing times like this. You don’t need a special posture. Sit on your bed, pull a chair for Him also and talk. As long as it’s done in the name of Jesus, answers are guaranteed.


Will you trust Him to devise a plan?
Will you manipulate the script ?

Remember Jacob? God had promised to give him the land He promised his grand father, Abraham. Canaan was part of the promise. But Esau was already an occupant in Canaan.

One day, Esau left with all that he had. And the Bible has no record of conflict between Jacob and Esau.

Beloved Sister, hold your peace. Talk to God. He has His ways of handling emotional issues.

My prayer is that what you want is what God intends.

Faith Okpoyo

I am a Christian blogger, writer and poet. I write to the broken hearted, despaired and confused because God wants them healed.

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