I Used To Have A Heart

I Used To Have A Heart

I used to love,

back then when I had a heart,

where small arguments made me hurt,

and harsh words went deep and made a cut,

this are the things that crumbled my world.


Your betrayal made me tough,

now any romantic gesture, i call it a bluff,

I have built a thorn fence around my heart,

thanks to your heartless acts,

which killed the soft part I had,

now am all cold and hard.


Friends and family are all that I have,

they fill my heart with warmth and love,

but when I see a road that leads to romance,

I make a sharp curve,

this is my new life and I am glad.


Copyright © 2018,

Tracy Jane – All rights reserved.

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Tracy Jane

Tracy Jane

It only takes a few words to change someone's life. Through my creative writings, i hope to motivate you to take a positive action!!!! You can call me Tracy.

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