A Parents Love

My mom always told me I would go far!

That I should be kind and humble.

Nothing could stop me from reaching the stars.

That deep in my heart there was a rumble!

My dad always told me to work hard!

Nothing comes easy, you must try.

Life is tough and it will leave scars.

Everything ends and you must say bye.

My parents were ying and yang.

Two parts of the same coin.

One with out the other would be strange.

Two unnatural forces joined.

Encouraging and loving.

Nurturing and wise.

strict and easy-going

Shaping and forming two lives.

A hole left in our hearts.

Pain hit like the swing of a Mallet.

Missing all your love and support

Time heals pain, or does it?

Gone to early.

Taken unfairly.

Loved eternally.

You two were a rarity.

Jorge Ochoa

I love writing. I am finally ready to sharing my art with people so here it is! I hope you enjoy, I thank you for your time my Committed Reader! Follow @ Epilepticboss1.blog


Simona Prilogan · April 22, 2018 at 7:01 pm

Greatly expressed poem with good imagery. Enjoyed the reading. 🙂

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