Poetry; Your Enemies Will Call

Your Enemies will Call

They thought I couldn’t make it,

their heartless words couldn’t break me,

my inspiration for a better future saved me,

this new attitude towards life, changed me.


Even with the strength I gained,

my enemies couldn’t refrain,

to put my positivism down the drain,

but I learnt to keep negativism off my brain.


Stay strong,

never be afraid to fall,

when you are down, start to craw,

later, when you succeed your enemies will call,

Remember never to put your dream on STALL!!!!!


Copyright © 2018,

Tracy Jane – All rights reserved.

Even where other people don’t believe that you can make it, believing in yourself is all that matters. You can achieve anything that you set your mind to achieve…

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Tracy Jane

It only takes a few words to change someone's life. Through my creative writings, i hope to motivate you to take a positive action!!!! You can call me Tracy.

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