Night Story

Nights are so mine
And so yours,..
Spend nights with your words
With your thoughts
And talking about you..

My pillow knows our story
And so your blanket..
No one..  no one at all..
Except us..
Should know what was it all about
What story we prefer to
With unsaid & unspoken feelings

It was your silence
That says everything every time
It was your eyes.
Who was more loyal to my heart
It was a simple string
We were attached to..

Nights are so mine
And so yours..
Having the same night sky
With some stars..
We talk..  We Smile
And sleep in their arms
Cuddling them..

Rhitwik Vashishtha

Rhitwik Vashishtha

For me life is about living at different place's ..!! Travelling , photography , Writing & Adventure .. Don't expect I am impulsive.. Cheers to Life :)

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