At The Verge of Quitting

Going to the destination in the middle of a wide congested road, junctions are often connected to it, but whichever conjunctions we’ll choose, each will either take us to a longer or shorter trip, even if we really know how to get to our destination. Most of the times, it is always convenient to redirect our path to get there faster but since we are trapped in the middle of heavy traffic, we often don’t have the choice but it seems to stay there like forever. This is my analogy of living a life toward my personal betterment and development journey. Knowing our way to get to our destination is perhaps our key to reach our goals but holding it to start the engine, the travel is definitely be faced to the smooth or delay process to get there but will surely bring us to where we want to go by our strong drive.

Traversing through the journey called life, hassles are just in every corner of it, in which the descent occurs by a different route than the ascent. This is why changing the course in our lives often takes us to a longer ride to where we want to go instead of taking shortcut and to reach our highest peak as persons which pertains to our success in all of its aspects. But one way or another, there will come a time that you reach the point of breaking, you know it’s going to take some time to heal the brokenness and you need that process to rest and survive the journey. Just don’t let it break you into pieces because it will naturally pass and subside.

The steepness and small bumps of life are the hardships and difficulties we all encounter along the way which we often wish to be flattened for a smooth ride, but they are part of a blissful journey and they are inevitable. Ideally, traveling is supposed to be fun and exciting, yet it incurs us to something inconvenient sometimes that is prone to embark us to risks and that is the very reason why life is full of adventure. It’s easy to say that they are the challenges for us to conquer because living a life is not easy after all. At least we are alive and we cannot complain but to live it. It’s up to us how we travel our individual journey in our way to reach the destination, but nevertheless the life’s travel is still fun to do.

I have learned in my life how these obstacles can become my time to see the opposite meaning of its negativity it brings me that oftentimes blinds me to view it as one-sided picture of a coin, when I’m at the verge of quitting and when it is the easiest thing to do. I call this part in the journey of life as terminal. Where I can pause, think and remap my direction. I learned that difficulties in life are not really my enemies in finding my core, but my allies to regain my strength and to stay motivated to strive toward my goals.

Knowing our destination or goal is the first thing we must recognize before finding ways to reach it, and even that has its own process of configuring it out. Generally speaking, the most common goal of every one is to be successful in life and I think that’s where the journey will begin at and mostly, viewing where we are standing in the moment we realize it is always our turning point from moving forward to reach higher achievements. Success on the other hand is always associated with changing our perspective and mindset and that is probably what is called rerouting, and success is nothing without inner happiness and our own significance to the totality of life. It is something very hard because it’s about shifting from what we are used to, like changing our habits at the expense of our comfort zone, that’s why change starts at the end of our comfort zone. It is like choosing between our way or the highway of life to view things in their true relations in us.

understand why people don’t have the same attitude. Learning to live with obstacles is not an overnight trip, since it is tangible and it’s obvious in my situation as physically handicap, I’ve got no time to avoid it, but rather face it in finding the optimal balance of it in my life. But it took me so long and in a very hard way to learn to live with difficulties of my own bumpy rocky road. Maybe it’s an attitude that makes a lot of difference, but I think it is more about changing your perception toward it to give purposes on its inevitability so we can move ahead as we learn to live with increasingly difficult challenges.

When you’re at the verge of giving up, just give up! Because you may learn something from doing so and even if you give the giving up a chance, you will gain a new ability and it will make a room for new habits to help you succeed. You give up of the things that make it difficult for you to grow and build your drive. Give up your habits for being in your comfort zone so you can learn to live with inconveniences. Life’s difficulties, hassles and hardships are constant from recurring and they are not the things we should overcome because it is impossible but it is a must to learn to live with them and they will teach you lessons of better ways.

Living with life’s hardships, difficulties and hassles will give you new avenues and habits of identifying new tracks. Let’s break it down. Your new mindset and attitude of learning to live with difficulties are your driving force to trace new paths and the key is your goal to reach your destination to become successful. Since they are unavoidable, learn from them. It’s hard, but it’s doable.


Yuri Tanabata

Living with struggles of a beautiful life.

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