Love Cycle

“Fluffy pancakes! Mountain of chocolate bars!”, she mirthfully uttered as she enjoyed the cloud nine.

There goes the ecstasy of butterflies in her stomach with the thoughts of him. She was elated with the idea of falling in love arrayed with glitz and glamour.

She was, back then, unstoppable until he came crashing her hopeful dreams to the ground.

“You were just in loved with idea but not on the love per se”, he bravely emitted to break the chain of hopeless reverie.

Total rewind of concurrent events passed her in days, weeks, and came months and months. She was locking herself up alone in her empty room until there struck a ray of sunlight from her window.

She felt stronger than yesterday. She became the better version of herself. She was indeed at her most candescent aura.

The day approached them when an exchange of hi’s and hello’s came in a fine and sunny afternoon, sharing it over a cup of warm and invigorating coffee.

“I wanted you to focus on the goal… strongly putting your mind over the matter”, he implied as he wanted to rationalize turning her down.

“I was not confused. My eyes are set on the prize… of loving you, and actually being with you”, she timidly but courageously stated.

He wanted to help her, to change her for the better. He truly loved, and still loves her.

She probably wronged his intention. Nevertheless, her strategies were refashioned but not her goal… she has been, and still verily in love with him.

For love is indeed a complex thing to handle. One day you are on top, the next thing you know you are at the bottom… the thought is predictable but the experience is whirlwind. That makes the love cycle more exciting to ride on.

Czarina Anne Posadas

Sharing what I have, reaching and inspiring others, in my small little way. © 2018


TAJWAR FATMA · April 19, 2018 at 6:25 pm

The last paragraph had me like damnn!!!!!! This is so well written !

Czarina Anne Posadas · April 19, 2018 at 10:45 pm

Thank you Ms. Tajwar. The compliment is well-appreciated

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