I Am Hindustan, I Am Ashamed. Is India Ashamed Too?

I am Hindustan

I am ashamed


8 Years old! Gangraped

Murdered In Devi-Sthan Temple! #Kathua

This is what everyone is posting their pictures with. Hindustan is ashamed. Hindustan is asking for justice.

Is India ashamed? Is the Indian society ashamed? Is the Indian judiciary ashamed? Is the Indian Prime Minister ashamed? Is the country India ashamed?

I don’t think so. India has never been ashamed of all the heinous acts being committed by its people. Hindustan might have felt the shame for once, but India never did. Hindustan does care for its people, for the respect of its women, but India doesn’t. India has been developing so fast that it has completely forgotten its morals and duties towards its people. India has run beyond time. India has forgotten its base values. The people of India have forgotten what their elders taught them. The Hindustanis still remember the teachings of their ancestors, but Indians, Indians have forgotten it all. Indians have forgotten to respect and protect their women and children.

An 8-year-old is being gang raped and murdered in a temple. Wasn’t a temple believed to be a sacred and holy place? Is temple not a place where people go with a belief that the God will help them deal with their worries and problems? But what does one do when the crimes are being committed in the same temple?

It is just like our judiciary. The judicial system which was incorporated to provide justice to the people, is not doing anything. It is the judicial system that is helping the criminals and setting them free to commit more crimes.

There is no difference between a temple and a judiciary. Both are believed to help the people deal with their problems, but they don’t.

What are we heading towards? Will India and its judiciary ever be ashamed?


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MacThule · April 19, 2018 at 4:21 am

“There is no difference between a temple and a judiciary. Both are believed to help the people deal with their problems, but they don’t.”

True. Both are in fact temples. One is simply a temple to the god ‘Justice.’

Temples never really help people though. Only people help people. When we only wait and pray to the gods, we die on our knees and nothing new happens. Prayer may bring guidance, but direct action rules the day. India knows common law… stop depending upon the civil authorities when there is no chance of them acting. We have a human right to form common law courts directly.

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