Have You Ever?

Have you ever preached against vengeance and found yourself seeking one?

Have you ever condemned premarital sex and found yourself committing the act?

Have you ever shunned hatred and found yourself taking sides with murder?

Have you ever stood against heart wreck and found yourself to blame for it?

Have you ever fought against suicide and found yourself longing to pop in expired pills?

Are you to be blamed for your dysfunction?

Even when the Holy Scriptures define your nature
You acted as a person who is immature
Treading a path too sensitive to pasture
Presently, guilt is buried within your structure

How long will you endure such emotional torture
Even when your heart is about to rupture
You don’t need to wait for rapture
Before you embrace forgiveness as a culture

Look at the mirror and face the sentence
Give no room for pretence
You messed up alright
Even in broad light

But you must show mercy to yourself
Gird up with strength by yourself
Apply the Mercy balm on yourself
And Never give up on yourself

Because you are precious to God
He isn’t ashamed to be called your Lord
The strength to move on comes from Him
And your righteousness comes from Him

Faith Okpoyo

I am a Christian blogger, writer and poet. I write to the broken hearted, despaired and confused because God wants them healed.

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