Dear Beautiful

Don’t measure me!

As Women we are often judged by the way we are measured we are either too big or too small, too round or too straight, too tall or too short. It doesn’t stop there then we are compared by numbers that looking for that perfect 36-24-36 body size, or age. None of this should matter because if we allow others to measure us up to fit into their world then you are not being true to who you are as a beautiful woman.

So if anyone is going to measure you then tell them that you will be measured by the depth of your compassion, the breadth of your integrity, the width of your honor. You will not be measure by the size of your jean’s, or the date of your birth.

Because in the end all the inches, ages, and sizes are just numbers that don’t tell you anything about the beautiful, amazing, and blessed woman who I am from the inside and out.

Rhondaismile Pepper

"Beauty is power a smile is it sword" John Ray

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Rashmi Mishra · April 19, 2018 at 11:00 am

Nice post! Please read mine too, this post also presents almost similar scenario.

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