Today, I Choose Happy

I am happy or so I choose

You can’t bring me down,

You may look upon me with disgust

and spite written all over your face,

Some days, you appear to even have pity for me

I smile a lot, you wonder why I do that,

What’s the occasion? You ask with disdain

Should there be a reason? I reply

I can see right through you

I know what you think of me

You won’t tear me down, no

You lack joy

Misery is your daily companion

You can’t take my smile away

I am here right now but not tomorrow

I will be long gone while you stay in that same spot

Pacing the hallway with chip high in your shoulders

Day by day, you remain the same without change

Smirking and judging the next person that takes my place

You are better than me or the next person, you say

If only you knew

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