Incredible India

Hi India, I have heard that you are a beautiful country. Yeah, I believe you are a land that glitters as gold. Purity of your rivers are praised throughout the world, beauty of your mountains and depths, both are astonishing. Land of religions, land of gods, land of intellectual. Hey India, I even know you are called mother India. Oh mother even I am one of your daughters. And I know it hurts you when the men, the boys of your land rape, acid attack and abuse your daughters. You take care of them from their birth till death, you carry them, you hold their weight upon your heart with delight like your kids. Dear mother, it’s awkward that on one hand they say women are goddess and on other hand they kill baby girls. Diplomatic right? Mother, I hope one day they will genuinely do what they say. Then you will actually become INCREDIBLE..❤

Nikki Tekwani

Nikki Tekwani

Hi everyone I m nikki i m a silly teen who loves to dance read and write all day I love my life no complains about anything i love to celebrate life and making each moment amazing

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