Human Being is Magic

You. ..
.. You are.
Stumbling through life with feather weight feet
The stones beneath your soles feel like paper cuts
You have barely an idea of where you’re headed but you’re moving
Like fire set ablaze in the middle of a forest on a windy day you let your feather weight feet take you.
And they do not disappoint you.
They take you from one step to another.
They take you away from paths that bathed you in fear and loath
From memories that bring you bitterness
From monsters that left all your love to chance.
You. ..
You took those pieces as i watched you.
You broke them further.
Made mosaic artwork from the tiny pieces
You conceived from the depths of your heart something beautiful.
You are human and you have continued to break the same way you broke before.
You will continue to make art.
You will continue to make light from darkness.
You will continue to let those feather weight feet bear your not-so-feather-weight burdens
Because human being is magic that gravity stands no chance against.
You are bold and heavy

Wambui Kibe

Poetry is my love.

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Auroraboros · April 18, 2018 at 11:32 pm

This is lovely. Uplifting and bearing a narrative but loose enough to apply with broad appeal. The play on grammar is clever as well. Great piece.

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