You died today
Your funeral pyre
A burning vigil
A grim example

Another rotten apple
Fell hard from the tree
No cry of remorse
For an abandoned deserter

What has been wrought
Mismanaged madness
Narcissism bred by free trophies
Fool’s gold for each fool

Crocodile tears for tragedy
Another arrow notched
For the wicked plot destruction
With a warm embrace

Three cheers for tragedy
Another free round
Poisonous draught
Happily gulped

Rotting from the inside
A worm in the core
Of rancid fruit
For which the flies gather

Mess of your sick
On the finest of china
Spotless silver spoon
Fouled yet again

~Dakota Toney

Dakota Toney

I mainly write poetry or commentaries about the human condition or philosophical ideas. Please visit and follow my blog for more writings at

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