Power in my hand

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I don’t allow others to control me, and I don’t give someone else power over me. I realize that I am in control over my own emotions, my life, my choice and how I respond.

With my value of excitement, it was my PA day (process assisting), I was up early and prepared for my day.

With my value of clarity, it was the early bird, I chose to be early rather than too late and I depended on public transport. It worked for me.

With my value of joy, The sun shines, I had my music on and I was a happy girl.

With my value of care, I packed my lunch and juice with me, I took care of me and I was ready for my exciting day.

With my value of lightness, I offered my support, she shared her story that she gotta get used to asking support and I was like her in the past. I shared my lightness wisdom: Asking support is easy, it is also easy for our lives. When I don’t ask support, then I justify my fear of my image and I don’t trust me & others. Guess what, When I ask support, I create partnership, I create fun and I make my life easier.

With my value of inspiration, When I trust me, then I also trust the others. I am who I am and I know what I want, it’s me to make it work.

With my value of love & friendship, I appreciated her love and her care, we had great chat, we shared our events and wisdom and thank you so much.

With my value of joy, I loved the Essence hugs and greets. Thank you beautiful people.

With my value of joy, it was great to meet my dear beautiful girl, she looked amazing and I shared my hugs.

With my value of love, I assisted in the Essence house when I had time and I invested and shared my love, I provided my support and I got extra bonus wisdom in this house.

With my value of privilege, It was my privilege to be there and I loved it.

With my value of love, she asked for my support, I supported this late comer and we practiced this process.

With my value of vulnerability, It was hurtful to see this, the high wall around him and the thick mask. I showed my tears and it was OK. I dared to show my humanness and emotion. I was not a robot after all.

With my value of insight, showing my emotion is all fine, I am a human. sharing my love is all great, I love myself. When I love myself, then I am able to love others.

With my value of empowerment, I shared my successes, I gotta sign up in this training and I loved it.

With my value of care & partnership, I asked for support, he drove me safely to the station and we had some chat. Thanks so much and I appreciated it lots.

With my value of love, I called my sweet baboo and we gotta have our dinner date. I let him know when I was back in town.

With my value of joy, I enjoyed our dinner Saturdate and we had yummy Mexican food.

With my value of love, I appreciated my sis’s feedback, we set our appointment and the boys will visit us next week. I clarified some activities and we gonna have a great auntie-uncle-fun weekend.

Sindy LC

Gratitude, Happiness and Simplicity are the keys of my life. I swear lots and I am a nice. I am the system manager in work, I am Banana in life. SMILES <3

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