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Chapter 19- A new beginning

Quote of the day
“When you really desire something from the heart and soul, all the universe conspires you to achieve it.”
– Paulo Coelho

I heaved a heavy sigh, folding the newspaper, banging it on the table in front of me.
“How much more time will you take for these simple things?” I asked impatiently.
“Sorry sir.. some more minutes..” the manager went silent focusing on the computer screen.

I stood up from my wheeling chair, buttoning up my coat, I looked through the large glass panes behind, on my back. The room from behind, opened into a large area allowing a beautiful view of garden, the rose garden which surrounded the whole building. It was a sort of balcony. I slid one window and walked through to the area adoring the beautiful garden, the roses and the mangoes.

“Sir, I think your room needs renovation.” The manager spoke.
I glanced a look at him, with my back still facing him.
“I just thought… It would be helpful in increasing the publicity too… sorry sir.”
I turned around.
“Have you completed?”
“Yes sir. The work. Papers are on your table.”
“You may now leave.”
I turned my eyes, once again, towards the beautiful view.
Then I looked around, surveying the room.
I ringed the manager, asking him to come into my room.

“Yes sir.”
“I gave it a thought and I think, probably it needs renovation. The curtains need replacement, the walls need painting and the whole of the room including the balcony needs to be beautified, appealing to me and whoever comes in. I want the best of the people regarding all this work, to be appointed and put into for this job. No compromises. And it’s your job to handle all of this. Contact every possible person who needs to be here and after finalising, bring me the list..”
Pausing, probably thinking…”in an hour.”

“Yes sir. Will be there in an hour.”
” You may leave.”

Turning myself towards the appealing garden, my mind returned to the quote I read in the newspaper. I can’t be saying this that it is true…but it needed to be…it had to be…I wanted it to be… however it didn’t… proved to be true…might be for some..

A knock on the door disturbed me.
“Who’s this?” I asked still gazing at the garden.
“It’s me. Am I not deserving enough to be looked at once?”
I recognised the voice. I looked at the watch and sighed. I forgot the date.
“You are enough deserving to be in……and I my arms.” Saying I turned around and approached her taking her in my arms.
“Come need not do this to apologize. You are not excused… Not this time.”
“I am sorry babes, I got busy..”
“Got busy where, your thoughts, your garden, your room?”
“My work dear, Ms Kapoor.”
“And when is Ms Kapoor going to change to Mrs Sehgal?”
“It’s a big responsibility, this company,you see… I get no time thinking about something else.. I am sorry.”
Escaping my arms, she remarked.
“You know what Varun, I know this clearly. You don’t want to….marry me.”
She left banging the door.

Maybe she was right… She was just my escape from my past.. maybe not.. maybe I love her..truly!

Thanks to all who continued and supported till here. I hope you like this and please do comment me your feedbacks and suggestions. Do share!

Profile photo of Riya Agarwal

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