Are we sorted?

Sorted, so this will be the scene, sabka, apna apna! sorted?

Do we see a more clarity among the younger generations towards almost every aspect of life? You may be acquainted, may be there is s kind of bonding, or be it any plan. Things are becoming more independent and easy to flow. Most of the time, I see that even the kind of expenses one is doing is not forceful these days, people are understanding the needs and the factors that are rather important to drive through life. And it’s not just success.

I see it this way that, either we are following westernisation or driving towards clarity of life?

But specially for the larger masses in India, the generation gap probably lies here. The generation in India which belongs to the age group of above 50, even today are mythologically sound, active on social-worry, superstitiously-enlightened and amazingly-experienced. But I would call it a problem, it is a tradition that has been built into them, like inculcated. The education during the 60s to 80s probably saw a weird course. Mythology and traditions were explained as something that became compulsory rather than its logical reasoning.

But what I always wonder is why there were no any questions in their mind, what made them to just accept the fact that somebody else is making the rules of life for them. If there is something real in the world, it is their acceptance and rest whatever the westerns and the next generations are doing, is basically marching towards the end, towards the dark tunnel I guess, which ends no where. But then, I have a very simple question; how else can you satisfy the increasing population?

How do we create a clarity of our aim, struggling with the above mentioned knowledge bestowed upon them, is not a problem but when the factor of being elder can stop you from doing it. Is that justified? I mean examples are there, if Dhoni would have listened to his father, Indian cricket team would have probably never had this benchmark attained. But that’s with Dhoni, he succeeded, what if we fail? And seriously if you could never ever do it? Then may be Dad was right and it’s too late now.

Cheers to life…

Kirti Dhanuka Change is the only constant! Boundaries are self-created and are binding! You cannot for see, but you can live today. Introspect and learn.

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