And All the Little Things As Well

By god, do I remember

The cold touch of honey skin

Carrying but a stern reminder

Of skirts fluttering in gentle breeze

Of ribbons in long lush locks

Of sloping hips and bright red lips

Hushed by a finger

One clammy with sweat.

By god, do I remember

The frigid stab of fear

Wielded by a frightened voice

Of heartbeat pounding in the chest

Of bones trembling with every skip

Of cells dying with every breath

Wielded on a sunny day

While playing in the yard.

By god, do I remember

The moments so small

How they were fairy lights

Of changing colours in the dark

Of blinking in and out through midnight

Of feelings twisting, turning in seconds

Left forgotten after Christmas

But hell, they broke me.

Fern Tan

I'm an amateur writer with too much to say. My poems are cross-posted on

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