Stay Alive Challenge Accepted

I found out about this thru @time._lord on Instagram . It’s called Stay alive challenge and it’s  about suicide prevention. It involves posting a black and white picture of anything/anyone on your account with the hashtag #stayalivechallenge, preferably with a meaningful and helpful caption.

A lot of suicides in India involve students going through exam pressure at school or from their parents who expect more and more of them and being someone who’s thought about suicide as an option during my 11-12 grade, this is a highly important issue to me. I encounter a lot of people online and on wattpad and what not who suffer from depression and think about taking the ultimate step. But I tell you, you all need to stay true to ultimate goal, follow your dreams and passions and not those of others, don’t let the pressure eat y’all alive, keep a positive attitude and you’ll succeed. Believe me, I know. Always have a hobby which you can use as a backup plan if things don’t go your way. Writing was mine and it helped take my mind off the pressure and focus it on penning my thoughts and on novels which I’ve self published. So if I can survive, so can you. You’ve one life, do not waste it. Give yourself a hug, even if it looks weird. Because you are the one who loves yourself truly.

Talk about it and get it outta yer system to yer close friends/family or write in a diary….but please DON’T end it! Don’t just hang in there, pull yourself up.

Vidal D'costa

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