“Women Who Wear Men’s Clothes Give Birth To Children Called Transgender” – Dr. Rajith Kumar

Dr. Rajith Kumar, a Kerala professor, screwed biology and redefined human anatomy.

“Women, who wear men’s clothes, give birth to children called transgender – Hijra. More than six lakh such children have been already born in Kerala. If women insult their womanhood and men insult their manhood, children born to them, though may appear to be a girl, will have the nature of a man. And this woman will later conceive a child called transgender. Such children are being born with cerebral palsy, autism,” Professor Rajith Kumar is heard saying in a clip that is being circulated on social media. He is believed to have made the comment at a counselling session recently.

So ladies, don’t wear men’s clothes! And men, don’t insult your manhood by… I have no idea how!

This is the state of our nation. Dr. Rajith Kumar is a professor of “Microbiology”.

In one single sentence, he has criticized so many people around the world. This is not a remark that would unsettle just the Indian population. It has a global effect.

I wonder where are we going as a nation! We are living in the 21st century and talking such non-sense. I wonder how does one’s clothing affect one’s biology? He would come up tomorrow and tell you to get dressed as “Krishna” so that the children born to you have the qualities of Lord Krishna!

This professor has been a part of over 1700 awareness sessions related to health in Kerala and outside. Just imagine the amount of stupidity he has managed to spread over time!

I wonder if he is also one who belongs to some reserved category. Being a professor, he still needs to be taught more than his students. He has just gone beyond the realms of life, redefining biological reproduction.

Do we need more professors like him?



Totally unprofessional; Trying to figure out what writing is all about; I am just a name.


Von Smith · April 7, 2018 at 12:27 pm

Is this the bliss-inducing ignorance we have heard so much about? If only dressing made a difference.

Samayakeeper · April 8, 2018 at 4:26 pm

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