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Love Without Flaws

God’s Love is a beautiful thing
Revealed via an awesome deed
Reflecting the tangibility of my worth
Void of any human work

I messed up big time
But God gave Jesus to be sin for me just in time
I am a recipient of God’s unique kind of love
Even though He had a right to call my bluff

My heart overflows with joy unspeakable
I’m loved in ways undeniable
I attest to the goodness of my Heavenly Father
Therefore I’m not ashamed to call Him Abba Father

The heavens tell of His greatness
The Word tells of His faithfulness
The sun speaks of His brightness
His mercies tell of His tenderness

Therefore neither sin nor shame can separate me
No past, no pain can sway me
From this rare Love of God
The eternal unfailing love of God

The eternal Love of God is my security
His name is my stability
ZOE is my reality
I’m confident of God’s dependability

Don’t marvel at why I love totally
I have been empowered to love you completely
I have been accepted without reservations
So your flaws aren’t even a restriction

Not by power or might as one skilled in the art
But according to the measure of love in my heart
As shed abroad by the Spirit of God
When I was baptised by Jesus my Lord

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Faith Okpoyo

I am a Christian blogger, writer and poet. I write to the broken hearted, despaired and confused because God wants them healed.

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