The Glass Heart

This budding love gradually grows to a tree
Come, take this cultivating affection with glee
I devote to you an exceptional reminiscence
For you have shifted me to a chromatic existence.
Freely take hold of it, but with extra caution
Hurt it not like the skin of an onion
This cannot tolerate empty promises
For it boasts pure and genuine fondness.
White as snow, transparent as ice
Test it not for it shows no price
Soft as a cotton, light as feather
For the experience is like no other.
Please spare this heart made of glass
Keep the vow to forever last
Together will the love ladder we climb
And make me believe that you are for a lifetime.

Czarina Anne Posadas

Czarina Anne Posadas

Sharing what I have, reaching and inspiring others, in my small little way. © 2018

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