Great beauty lies in the art of silence. Silence, which some say is golden. Silence, that is just silence.
Silence, that builds. Silence, that creates.
Silence, that accomplishes what thousand words or tears could not.
Silence, that resides. Silence, that breeds. Silence, that cultures.
Silence, that loves. Silence, that feels. Silence, that is deep.
Silence, that may be of words. Silence, that may be of emotions. Silence, that is always something.
You could spend your whole life screaming your love for someone special and never get it. You could spend your whole life screaming your rights out to the world and never get to it.

You could just embrace that silence and find what it is you yearn for in that same silence .
I, for one, believe in embracing silence .
Silence, that means:
You not being here for me in the way that I want you to be is okay.
Me, being here for you in the way that you want me to be is okay.
You and me, not being here in the way that we are supposed to be is okay.

~I believe God’s plan is God’s plan and I never stress over His plan because either way it is His’ way not mine, not yours and certainly not ours.~

Martin Brian

A silent soul with a silent story to tell.

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Cristian Mihai · April 4, 2018 at 12:15 pm

This is fantastic writing, Martin. Fantastic.

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