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a disguised
attired in words,

a painted
devoid of colors,

a lyrical song
read by the eyes
in a melody of emotion,

a bleeding heart
blessed with
an endless flow,

a vibrant smile
spread in a

a secret said aloud
but curtailed
to a few,

a message of love
in the present
or in the past,

the screams
of a yearning heart
or an open mind,

reaching out to you
or to another
to vent its thoughts,

a philosophy
or an experience
or a hope in life,

the said,
the unsaid
stated without prejudice,

the hidden,
the obvious
left to another mind,

a vent
to feelings
of happiness and joy,

a release
of pain
of sadness and loss,

the smoke
that rises
to hide burning fires,

the water
that falls
on wounds to heal,

endless in
endless in form,

written to free
the writer
of his own nagging bonds,

metaphors abound
as do experiences
in life,

some hide it
in clouds
some shine them outright.

© vidursahdev 2018

Profile photo of Vidur Sahdev

Vidur Sahdev

Hi, I write on my blog what comes to mind, and the mind is often as restless as the unpredictable waves.

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