Is It Worth Another Try?

I can still remember the first time I saw you.
There’s something about you that I notice.
I am sure, it’s not your looks, you were never the one that could launch a thousand ships.
You’re quiet and snob, so definitely, it’s just my curiosity that drives me to notice you.

The night we met, it was the most stupid situation I’ve ever experienced meeting someone.
I handed over a white face towel and asked it was yours.
You answered me with a no and you jokingly asked for my name and offered your hand.

We’re not aware that of each one’s existence, though we’ve come across each other’s faces every day. Not until I teased. I did that, for no purpose at all.
Should we blame this to Fate or Destiny?

So, do I really have to mention that I don’t like you from the start?
I busted you thrice!
But who would have expected that things turn out to be exactly the opposite?
I fell in love with you.

We had so much fun together.
There is nothing in this world that can separate us from each other.
The bliss, the love, it feels so overwhelming…
Until He blesses us with a wonderful baby girl.
Life was perfect by then.

Then, we go on with our life.
We never had the perfect life that we have imagined.
Life was never the one we pictured out together.
We had our second awesome baby.
We are blessed to have wonderful kids.

The fun and excitement, it was all just a merely forgotten memory of ours.
Day by day we struggle to be the same person before.
Day and night, we try to keep what’s still left.
Every single day, we still try.

I kept asking myself every night when I look at you, as you close your eyes.
How did we end up like this?
I mean, is this how it’s all going to end after all the struggle we have been through?
Was the struggle, worth it after all?
Was fighting the struggle worth another chance? Worth another try?

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