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India – A Nation That Has Been Eaten Up By Reservation


We live in a country where everything is for the “Reserved” and nothing is given to the “Deserved”.

India is one of the fastest developing nations, they say. India has come a long way in the fields of science and technology, they say. India has developed in areas of women empowerment, they say. India has one of the best education system, they say. They say lot of things, and we hear.

But, what they don’t say is, India is suffering from a disease that is paralyzing the nation with each passing day. This disease is called, “Reservation”. Reservation on the basis of caste is one of the worst practices to exist in today’s world.

There are colleges where a person belonging to “General Category” has to pay Rs. 90000 for admission. Whereas, a candidate belonging to SC/ST has to pay mere 8000-10000 for admission in the same college. Why? Does the former has some tree grown at his home that provides him with never ending money?

This is a practice followed all across. Even when you go finding a job, SC/ST and other backward classes will be given first preference, irrespective of their family background.

Even if their parents are Doctors or IAS officers, the backward class candidates will be given priority over the candidate belonging to general category even if he/she belongs to a family that is living below the poverty line. Why?

Reservation is a practice which is not letting India develop at a faster rate. All the deserving candidates don’t get admissions and/or jobs and as a result, have to leave the country to earn a living in a new nation. Most of the best people working for companies like Intel, Microsoft, NASA, etc., and even the best doctors in the US are Indians. Most of them are those Indians who didn’t manage to get a job here, just because they belonged to “General Category”.

I don’t say that we should end reservation. Reservation should exist. But, not on the basis of caste or religion. It should exist on the basis on financial condition.

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