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At last, she was alone in the bathroom floor. Everything was falling apart and her skin was glowing so bright.
She did what was best and let the fire out of her. She did what was best, picked up the razor and watched the flames.
It felt so good to let it all out. It felt so good although others wouldn’t say it was good.

Not a lot of people would understand the excruciating pain it was to carry all that fire inside her body, hurting every breath she took.
Poisoning the blood in her veins, blackening her heart and diminishing her soul.
She took it upon her to release the flames every night to ease her wild mind.

Little did she know today was the last. As the fire kept on glowing and burning she closed her eyes and smiled.
She was free.
She was so close.

By sunrise it was too late. The only thing left were the debris of what was once a house.
The only thing left was the body of the girl who carried a fire in her lungs.

Profile photo of Remininsce


I was always afraid of letting people hear my voice. It was there, hidden beneath my bones. Now it's out there, for the world to see and love.

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