Wanderlust: Dublin: St. Patrick’s Day

Me and my husband, have had, the opportunity to travel for work and we combine that with our love for travelling, hope you enjoy reading and this helps.

We recently visited Dublin, Ireland and the pictures don’t do justice at all to the beauty of Dublin. It’s a small and cozy mismatched capital, with everything you would want from a dream travel city from food, places to see, wonderful history and architecture.

If you have been here, you know, what I am talking about, and if you have not, please do earmark it for your next visit. We had the good fortune of visiting it on the day of St. Patrick’s Day Parade, which was a feast for the eyes and a very fun parade to watch !

The first picture in the article, is the huge war memorial turned art museum, which has a modern art section too. Some of the modern art, internet related installations, were mind-bogglingly good.

The next two pictures are the dock areas, one of the main and most happening locations of Dublin, here the city is alive in the day as well as night. The restaurants, activities, music of Dublin, speak volumes about the heritage of the area, reflect it’s roots in Viking lore and mysticism.

Dublin, we will miss you, hope to visit you again soon, as for the memories, I take them with me for life !!

Priyanka Dalmia Acharya

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