The Purpose of Life

Most human beings live life aimlessly in a mechanical way. Just for survival. We often move like a feather that moves with the wind. In this manner, human being becomes chaotic and follows a confused lifestyle without any proper direction. We find ourselves lost and entangled in the worldly web. This is not a proper scenario of human life. What is then the purpose of human life? Someone has said “The purpose of the life is LIFE WITH A PURPOSE”.

But we often confused PURPOSE with profession or career or some material objective which is important to us at a particular stage of time. Thus different things at different time become ones main purpose of life. Sometimes it is money or material possessions, fame and power, job and career prospects or some other enjoyments and acquisitions. But all these things cover only one aspects.

Living life for more existence is not enough. Human life has a vast field for interplay and action. Giving life a purpose is giving direction to life to reach a destination. When one knows the purpose of life, one works for it. Thus by fulfilment of that purpose and by reaching the desired destination, one gets satisfaction that leads to happiness.

The fulfilment purpose of life should be progress and development in all spheres which include physical, mental, social, and spiritual. One should work for success in all these four directions. Reaching the full purpose of life is a difficult task. One has to put body, mind, and soul in constant effort to reach the goal. In short, the purpose of life is self-development.

Sanjay Naik

Just an ordinary fella searching for the purpose out there in the world.

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the_tovarysh_connection · April 9, 2018 at 6:46 pm

Couldn’t agree with you more. Going within will help you find your purpose. And for many, the things that come so easy to you, that for which you feel great passion, give you clues to your gifts and how to move forward in grace.

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