Live in the Present

Time has three dimension – past, present and future. Of these, Present is the most important and valuable. In fact the other two evolve out of what is present. It was once present which rolled into past and the future also becomes present with the passage of time.

The real advantage of life lies in its living in the present. The secret of success in life is based on the fact that one should seize the present and make the best use of it. In order to expect a better future, one should utilise its present in the best possible manner.

It is no use brooding or grumbling about past mistakes and happenings and the uncertainties of the future which is beyond us. This is bad habit that must be discarded forthwith. We should learn from our mistakes and should never repeat them. If we take care of our present, the future will take care of itself. An opportunity missed is opportunity lost. It is observed that life seldom gives the same chances again. Therefore one should seize the present moment and act accordingly.

It is of great advantage to do eight things at the right time and the best time to do is now, the present time. We should never allow it to slip away and then repent. A good opportunity knocks at the door once. Either you make use of it or let it go. The choice lies with you. Always keep in mind the following couplet :-

Past is history

Future is mystery

Time now is a gift

We call it PRESENT

In conclusion, learn to live in the present and make the best use of it.

Sanjay Naik

Just an ordinary fella searching for the purpose out there in the world.

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JanBeek · April 3, 2018 at 8:26 pm

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